Bengt Nordenberg , Oil Study of an Interior. - Image 1
  • Bengt Nordenberg , Oil Study of an Interior. - Image 1
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Bengt Nordenberg , Oil Study of an Interior.

An interior oil study painted on cardboard by Bengt Nordenberg. (1822-1902) Not signed. It was sold from his estate.

Bengt Nordenberg 1822 – 1902) was a Swedish artist. He belonged to the Düsseldorf school of painting and is best known for his genre paintings with everyday life scenes from the Dalarna, Skåne and Blekinge areas of Sweden. He moved to Düsseldorf in the 1850s.
In 1843 he went to study at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts. In 1851 he started in the Düsseldorf Academy, where first Theodor Hildebrandt and then later, Adolph Tidemand became his teachers. In particular, the latter had a big influence on Nordenberg’s painting style and subject matter. Nordenberg also painted pictures of middle-class and upper-class life, and also religious paintings and altarpieces. He painted altarpieces in several Småland churches.

In 1856, Nordenberg received a travel grant from the Swedish state. He studied with French history painter Thomas Couture (1815–1879), made a short stop in Düsseldorf, and in the autumn of 1858 he went to Rome. He returned soon to Düsseldorf, where he settled for life. From 1856 to 1889 he was a member of Malkasten, an artists’ association there.

Dimensions: Length 42.0 cm (16.5 inches) x Height 30.0 cm (11.8 inches)

Price: 9 500 SEK (/)

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