A Ceremonial Adze, Mangaia Island - Image 1
  • A Ceremonial Adze, Mangaia Island - Image 1
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A Ceremonial Adze, Mangaia Island

A Ceremonial Adze, Mangaia Island. The Cook Islands. Wood, stone, coconut fiber sennit.

On Mangaian adzes, Phelps writes (1976: p. 131), “Most woodwork was done with their unadorned counterparts composed of a basalt blade lashed with plaited coir to a wood handle. Blades were of various types according to island and period of manufacture but at the turn of the nineteenth century the reversed triangular-section type was most popular, those from Mangaia being highly prized for their fine finish. The lashings, both on working and on ceremonial adzes, were extremely skillfully applied…Adzes were made by experts (ta’unga) trained to the task, by pecking rough basalt and laboriously grinding with a lump of wetted coral. This craft soon ceased after missionary contact, when hoop iron, hatchets and nails became available.”

Count Werner D. Schack (1922-2004), whose family resided at the Schackenborg Castle in Southern Jylland from the mid 17th century until the 1970s.

Dimensions: Length 100.0 cm (39.4 inches)

Price: 12 000 SEK (€1160/$1371)

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